Our Story

Who We Are

In the late 1980s, a father opened up a small 600-square-foot perfume store in downtown Los Angeles. He poured all his energy into building the foundation of what he hoped would become a successful business. His wife shouldered the responsibility of taking care of their three young children, despite her husband's long and arduous work hours.

Little did they know that their tireless efforts would lay the groundwork for a thriving family business that would grow beyond their expectations. The store expanded into a successful wholesale operation and was primed for even bigger things.

One by one, each of the three siblings were recruited by their father and given the autonomy to use their strengths to help the business grow.
Together, they brought their unique skills to the table and soon the business expanded from a wholesale operation to a worldwide distribution center. They sold millions of bottles of the world’s most famous fragrances, distributing them to retailers around the globe.

Using the network they gained from their years in the industry, the siblings launched their own licensed, celebrity, and proprietary fragrances and gained placement in thousands of stores. Syren Fragrances was born.


Today, Syren’s founders believe that fragrance is not just a scent, but a statement of individuality and creativity. They are dedicated to creating unique products that help people discover their own unique fragrance signature, and to doing so in a way that is both responsible and sustainable.

At Syren, we are driven by a passion for beauty, creativity, and self-expression. We believe that fragrance has the power to transform, to inspire, and to delight. We are committed to bringing this passion to every fragrance we create and sharing our vision of beauty and elegance with the world.

Syren is a testament to our hard work and dedication over the past three decades. We hope our fragrances bring you joy, inspiration, and a sense of wonder.